Get China to Know You

It is all about you, your brand, your story and your needs to ENTER China markets through a strong & unique blended solution

Let me guide you on how
I started my Journey


I am fueled by a team of professionals from the East and West, with years of experience in marketing, business developments, in lifestyle and luxury industries, who have grown within the fast pace of social media & internet. They gathered to share their skills and knowledge, in helping my brand to vigorously enter China markets and avoid pitfalls.

Testing my brand's offerings and markets responses through enhanced social media, marketing actions and market research, enable me a strong visibility, replies to my questions, a prerequisite before anything else.

In today's fast business environment, as a business owner, I need to be visible to thrive! China is like no other market I experienced. I anticipate a rewarding journey!

Like me, QM3 is serving...

... an International and Chinese clientele. Mainly into lifestyle and luxury industries (family owned luxury houses). Entrepreneurs & Business owners.

... and they definitely increase my brand awareness, drive traffic, engage & feedback leads and generate a new clientele.

Launching Marketing Actions

To attract faster, I transform and adapt my brand marketing offerings: from standard marketing (graphic designs, brochures, Chinese website, translations) to my Events Management and Exhibition Services.

Positioning by Market Research

1. Market Intelligence: Market Overview, Competitive Landscape, Distribution Channels and Strategy.
2. Partners Search (contacts list)
3. Distribution Strategy enacted.
4. Business Advisory.

Quite interested and what I really need today, I review the methodology and past cases.

China, I need to be there,
and I am contacting YOU NOW!


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